Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I do love simplicity, the epitome of great style is a garment that stands alone as a beautiful piece. Céline keeps everything simple and to me, that is why the brand has become so successful again. Of course I'm a sucker for photography too, which is why I can't help but being drawn to the brands new campaign, as seen on their website. 
Céline's new over sized clutch bags are this seasons must have accessory. Big enough to hold your day to day items but sleek enough to make the switch between your day and night bag. Save your pennies or bat your eyelashes at your beau because you would be mad not to try and get old of one, or two.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Portman Goes Nude

The whole world seems to be having a love affair with Mila Kunis, I accept that she's a good actress and a pretty girl but for me when it comes to who is the best face of Dior, it's Natalie Portman every time. 
Portman's newest campaign for Dior has just been released and as always she looks totally flawless (photo shopped or not). The ad, for Dior's new foundation 'Diorskin Nude' is bound to make it a best seller.

Portman has previously been the face of serveral campaigns for Dior, including: Miss Dior Cherie perfume and the brands skin care line. The brand is trying to promote natural beauty with its newest cosmetic releases and I believe that Portman fits the bill perfectly.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Beautifully Bespoke

I love beautiful things, I am like a moth drawn to an extra large flame. It makes sense then that I am bowled over by Her Curious Nature. The founder, Sabrina, very kindly leant me some pieces for a photo shoot. Since I first came across her on ASOS she has expanded, moved to a larger studio (I've been in and it's a treasure trove) and now showcases her collections in Topshop's flagship store on Oxford Street.

I'm not very good with accessories, I wish I was. I'm not good at putting them with outfits and most of the time I just forget to add any. Maybe it's also that I'm not very adventurous with them or feel that I don't have an occasion. I had a little browse of Sabrina's site this evening and decided that it was most definitely time to change all of that.

These are all examples of her ability to create bespoke hair accessories with undeniable intricacy and a talent that is so rare. Her Curious Nature caters for a slightly less adventurous market but for those who also look for quality and a unique piece, you can look at these on her website here

All photos taken from the site.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Freja for Zara

Sometimes simplicity is all you need to shoot a great campaign, but it has to be beautiful too, it has to have a certain asthetic that allures you to the brand. Whether you are drawn to the model, the brand, the setting or the story they try to convey; it is all about the allure. 

Freja Beha Erichsen has the been the face of Chanel, she is fashion's golden girl and now she is fronting Zara's A/W 2012 campaign. There is no doubt in my mind that Freja herself is the allure and will most likely bring a new clientèle to the high street brand.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the video, until she gets in the car. I just felt that someone that beautiful should be constantly driving around looking that chic. Being in the car conveyed a sense of freedom and clothing is often a tool we use to free ourselves from mundane days. 

Maybe it's the monochrome that has helped me fall for this campaign, I adore how minimalist it all is. I seem to be buying only black and white clothing currently and I can absolutely guarantee that I'll be snapping up some key pieces as soon as they are released. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Japanese Vogue

I am really quite smitten with the Japanese Vogue site right now. They have some really stunning shoots and I've picked some of my favourite to share with you on here. 


This next shoot is named Couture to Adore, and my oh my do I adore it. Styled by Anna Dello Russo who I simply idolise. 


I am a real fan of shoots based outdoors, of course no one looks this flawless while lying down in fields and most people would scream if their clothing came into contact with dewy grass. I can dream though. 

Living in the Caribbean during my holidays has made me a massive fan of all things island life. The sun, the sea, the sand and the bight prints that people associate with this part of the world. 

I genuinely rock around wishing that my barnet looked this good and have a stomach that flat. Jealousy isn't pretty but this final shoot is. 

I really do recomend that people follow Japanese Vogue, download it, translate it or just follow their online site. Be smitten with international fashions, they deserve a hell of a lot more recognition.