Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Princess in Pink

Pastel colours have been dominating the runways of late, but it was pictures of Charlotte Free on my flatmates wall that made me take the plunge. Every time I went in her room I'd sit and look at the pictures and think, I wish I was brave enough to do that. After two weeks of lusting over Charlotte's pink hair I called a salon and booked in, not before letting my friend bleach it at home first. 

 It's common knowledge that if you have black hair, bleach is your worst enemy and you should go out of your way to avoid it. Not me however, after half a bottle of wine and through gritted teeth, I asked my friend to get started. Considering it was a DIY job with products I'd picked up at Boots, it went quite well. It wasn't completely orange anyway. I should have heeded the advice on the back of the packet, the risk paid off though, my hair hasn't snapped off and it actually looked quite good. The whole job couldn't be done at home though. The next day I had my official appointment, so off I toddled to London to have it bleached again and a toner washed through. If someone had told me the pain of all that bleach I would have never gone. It's been over a week now and my poor scalp is still paying the price.
The result was a tad more candy floss than what I wanted, but none the less, my hair had gone from black to pink in less than 24 hours. Yes it was painful, I used my months food budget, it feels quite coarse unless I deep condition it every other day, but I love it. The only problem, after two washes the pink has almost faded out. Thankfully I like the white blonde hair and contrasting dark eyebrows that I'm working with now. 

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