Saturday, 31 December 2011


Last night I got an email from the editor of offering me the position of style editor. Of course I said yes and am looking forward to running that section of the website. I immediately started to panic about what I'm going to put in there: street style, contributors, the new season trends, high street, designer, models, photographers, artists, the list goes on! It was beyond overwhelming but a friend came straight to mind.
For one of my first personal posts I'll be writing about Swiss photographer Olivia Bossert. After meeting her one summer at a portfolio course at Byam Shaw for Central Saint Martins, we went our seperate ways but stayed in touch. Today she is studying Fashion Photography at University College Falmouth in Cornwall and her stunning portfolio is ever expanding. You can follow her work via her website or fan her on Facebook

I will be focusing a lot on street style, especially on some beautiful people I already know who need no assistance looking incredible. Peoples wardrobes who you want to hide in seemed the best place to start and my flat mate will undoubtedly be a target for my camera.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


I foolishly left all of my makeup back in the UK, fitting mince pies and festive food in my case seemed more essential until it dawned that I cannot go bare for a whole three weeks. Shallow - most certainly - but it was a great excuse to take a trip to the MAC shop here in Trinidad to stock up on supplies.

Lady GaGa and Cydi Lauper have done collaborations with the brand and quite frankly, I'm a sucker for advertising and GaGa, so I started buying all I could afford on my poor student budget. It is steep, yesterday my wonderful mother bought me a lip liner costing £16. This may seem crazy when other cosmetic companies sell similar products for a fraction of the price, Revlon I spotted did a selection of lip liners for £4. There is a reason why I lean towards MAC, it is an investment into your makeup collection, the quality of the product is incredible. The lip liner did not shift through a three course meal, two rum mixes, several cosmos, 30 degree heat and washing my face twice. It is infallible!

Over the years I have spent far more than I can afford on their products and the only fault I have ever found is with their lipsticks, they glide over my lips and feel sumptuous and look it for about 20 minutes, before the colour starts to fade out. I have no doubt that they may work better on other people but they just aren't worth the price tag. Buy them for the beautiful colours and glossy appearance but don't leave the house without it as top-ups are necessary. You can't fault the brand for their selection and choices with colour, they have something for everyone. Everyone should go to a MAC counter and have a makeover, splurge on a few products that may cut into your drinks budget but that will last for years.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Hotel Moschino

It's a gem I did not even realised existed, thankfully it has now been brought to my attention, Hotel Moschino in Milan is an innovation in its own right. With sumptuous dresses creating headboards and only moments away from Corso Como, this hotel has everything I could ever ask for!

This week I'll be researching and writing about some of the worlds best fashion hotels and lesser known boutique accomodation in some unexpected places. No doubt I'll be adding some to my bucket list, everyone should treat themselves to a tropical island retreat at least once (Maldives anyone?).
Below is the link to the travel website you can see me writing for soon, I'll also be writing some features on traveling South America and activities such as cycling the Death Road in Bolivia, anyone who is a Top Gear fan may remember that name. Along with completing the Salkanty trek to Machu Picchu, aided by my friend singing Disney songs back to back for hours.

Never have I been so badly burnt in my life after this walk.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Style Contributor

I am very very very excited to be contributing for Fight Apathy.. Or Don't for their style section. This ultimately means writing about all the beautifully dressed and unique people that I am at University with along with the best dressed celebrities and socialites of the fashion industry.
For my own little blog here, I want to get back behind the camera and photograph as well as write about all these wonderfully dressed people. Once I get back to Epsom, Woodcote halls had better watch out as I'd like to get them all in front of the camera and talking about what makes their style unique. Sitting in a lecture is never dull when you're surrounded by people that are passionate about their clothes and style.
Hope you enjoy my weekly column.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I used to have one and now I do again, I was never very consistent with it but hopefully I will be now.
Take a peak and my Tumblr will be considerably more picture based with a lot of cats thrown in.

Charlotte Olympia

As I wandered through Harrods torturing myself with all the beautiful things I am yet to afford, I fell completely and utterly in love with a pair of shoes. This is not entirely uncommon but as a teenager who plans to live with numerous cats, these shoes may delay that plan, I'd be quite happy to just live with these on my feet for enternity. Of course, they are from the incredibly talented Charlotte Olympia who recently opened her own store in London's Mayfair. 

Not only does she create utterly fabulous footwear but with the likes of Alexa Chung, pictured below wearing her velvet KITTY heels, there is no doubt that she is going from strength to strength. They add an element of fun to Alexa's outfit whilst complimenting this classy Christopher Kane dress. Alexa wore this combination to the British Fashion Awards where she scooped the award for British style award brought to you by Vodafone and Charlotte Olympia won Accessory designer of the year.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fashion Moment

After writing a fashion moment on Diamonds, I decided to submit it to a new website to see what they thought. They have very kindly asked me if I'd like to be their newest Style Contributor! As you may have noticed I'm not very religious with blogging but am determined now that the first term is finished, to try and get better at it and post at least once a week. Here is a copy of my fashion moment and this is the website I'll hopefully soon by contributing to

They are essential for any woman with wealth, a luxurious lifestyle and a signature of success: diamonds. They had earned their elite status by adorning Royal Families for centuries and then transgressing onto the jewellery of the rich and famous.

They have not always had their luxe appeal, often associated with mistresses of wealthy men and in more recent years blood diamonds, and websites retailing cheap imitations such as QVC Diamonique, their reputation as the ultimate accessory has been threatened. A wife was expected to have an engagement ring and possibly diamonds for substantial events, such as an anniversary but the best were saved for the slice on the side.

Audrey Hepburn, Mae West and Elizabeth Taylor are among many Hollywood starlets, championed diamonds and glamourised them on the silver screen. Elizabeth Taylor claimed her three loves were Richard Burton, Mike Todd and jewellery. Not only did she promote them with her enviable collection but has a 69.42 diamond named after her, The Taylor-Burton.

An accessory is no longer an accessory without diamonds, as the pages of Vogue demonstrate by being filled with adverts for diamond encrusted watches by companies such as Gc. Their products splash desirability and unattainably that make us desire them all the more for being encrusted with Diamonds.

It is not just diamond jewellery that we lust over, but diamond clad clothing. In 2010 the worlds most expensive jeans made their debut down the runway of London Fashion Week by label Secret Circus Clothing, costing $1,300,00 and embroiled with fifteen diamonds including two six carat diamonds valuing at $250,000 each. This season Victoria Secrets caused a stir when Miranda Kerr parried down the catwalk in a diamond coated bra worth $2,500,000. They are still an unattainable price for the majority but fashion is cheapening diamonds by abusing their allure and incorporating them with clothing.

New York, Paris and London still house some of the most prestigious jewellers and with retailers such as Harry Winston not displaying prices on their website, their elite status is retained.

A dog may be a man's best friend but a diamond is a girl's and they last forever.