Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fashion Moment

After writing a fashion moment on Diamonds, I decided to submit it to a new website to see what they thought. They have very kindly asked me if I'd like to be their newest Style Contributor! As you may have noticed I'm not very religious with blogging but am determined now that the first term is finished, to try and get better at it and post at least once a week. Here is a copy of my fashion moment and this is the website I'll hopefully soon by contributing to http://fightapathyordont.com/

They are essential for any woman with wealth, a luxurious lifestyle and a signature of success: diamonds. They had earned their elite status by adorning Royal Families for centuries and then transgressing onto the jewellery of the rich and famous.

They have not always had their luxe appeal, often associated with mistresses of wealthy men and in more recent years blood diamonds, and websites retailing cheap imitations such as QVC Diamonique, their reputation as the ultimate accessory has been threatened. A wife was expected to have an engagement ring and possibly diamonds for substantial events, such as an anniversary but the best were saved for the slice on the side.

Audrey Hepburn, Mae West and Elizabeth Taylor are among many Hollywood starlets, championed diamonds and glamourised them on the silver screen. Elizabeth Taylor claimed her three loves were Richard Burton, Mike Todd and jewellery. Not only did she promote them with her enviable collection but has a 69.42 diamond named after her, The Taylor-Burton.

An accessory is no longer an accessory without diamonds, as the pages of Vogue demonstrate by being filled with adverts for diamond encrusted watches by companies such as Gc. Their products splash desirability and unattainably that make us desire them all the more for being encrusted with Diamonds.

It is not just diamond jewellery that we lust over, but diamond clad clothing. In 2010 the worlds most expensive jeans made their debut down the runway of London Fashion Week by label Secret Circus Clothing, costing $1,300,00 and embroiled with fifteen diamonds including two six carat diamonds valuing at $250,000 each. This season Victoria Secrets caused a stir when Miranda Kerr parried down the catwalk in a diamond coated bra worth $2,500,000. They are still an unattainable price for the majority but fashion is cheapening diamonds by abusing their allure and incorporating them with clothing.

New York, Paris and London still house some of the most prestigious jewellers and with retailers such as Harry Winston not displaying prices on their website, their elite status is retained.

A dog may be a man's best friend but a diamond is a girl's and they last forever.

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