Friday, 16 December 2011

Hotel Moschino

It's a gem I did not even realised existed, thankfully it has now been brought to my attention, Hotel Moschino in Milan is an innovation in its own right. With sumptuous dresses creating headboards and only moments away from Corso Como, this hotel has everything I could ever ask for!

This week I'll be researching and writing about some of the worlds best fashion hotels and lesser known boutique accomodation in some unexpected places. No doubt I'll be adding some to my bucket list, everyone should treat themselves to a tropical island retreat at least once (Maldives anyone?).
Below is the link to the travel website you can see me writing for soon, I'll also be writing some features on traveling South America and activities such as cycling the Death Road in Bolivia, anyone who is a Top Gear fan may remember that name. Along with completing the Salkanty trek to Machu Picchu, aided by my friend singing Disney songs back to back for hours.

Never have I been so badly burnt in my life after this walk.

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