Saturday, 17 December 2011


I foolishly left all of my makeup back in the UK, fitting mince pies and festive food in my case seemed more essential until it dawned that I cannot go bare for a whole three weeks. Shallow - most certainly - but it was a great excuse to take a trip to the MAC shop here in Trinidad to stock up on supplies.

Lady GaGa and Cydi Lauper have done collaborations with the brand and quite frankly, I'm a sucker for advertising and GaGa, so I started buying all I could afford on my poor student budget. It is steep, yesterday my wonderful mother bought me a lip liner costing £16. This may seem crazy when other cosmetic companies sell similar products for a fraction of the price, Revlon I spotted did a selection of lip liners for £4. There is a reason why I lean towards MAC, it is an investment into your makeup collection, the quality of the product is incredible. The lip liner did not shift through a three course meal, two rum mixes, several cosmos, 30 degree heat and washing my face twice. It is infallible!

Over the years I have spent far more than I can afford on their products and the only fault I have ever found is with their lipsticks, they glide over my lips and feel sumptuous and look it for about 20 minutes, before the colour starts to fade out. I have no doubt that they may work better on other people but they just aren't worth the price tag. Buy them for the beautiful colours and glossy appearance but don't leave the house without it as top-ups are necessary. You can't fault the brand for their selection and choices with colour, they have something for everyone. Everyone should go to a MAC counter and have a makeover, splurge on a few products that may cut into your drinks budget but that will last for years.

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