Saturday, 28 January 2012



Miss Selfridge bra top
£24 -

Jitrois black skirt
€1.190 -

Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots
$195 -

Alexander McQueen tote handbag
£895 -

Alexander McQueen silk shawl
€335 -

Blade Rubber Stamps Newspaper Scraps
£14 -

Wyld at the W

This year I have made a list of varying places I want to go to, from London Zoo to Scott's in Mayfair and losing myself in Daunt Books on Marylebourne High Street. A year sounds like a long time but on a student budget the list is looking unattainable. This week however my flatmate and I treated ourselves to an outing to Wyld Bar.
As far as pretensions over-priced London bars go, this is certainly one of my favourites. It's difficult not to get slightly nervous when approaching a bar that has door staff, they're not judging you on how drunk you are but if your shoes are designer and if you can afford their cocktails. Quite honestly my answer to both was no, but a friend told me 'big eyes, big hair, big ego, you're in'. Now that is something I can do, so after being let through to head upstairs I stopped being terrified of having the immaculate door woman having me thrown out and proceeded to be blown away by how stunning the W is. With mirror balls hanging from the ceiling to the floor and dim lights reflecting off black marble you know this is not somewhere to get drunk and embarrass yourself.
After being handed the bar menu and checking out the prices I could see why Wyld was suit territory, I could afford two drinks maximum. Cue property investor who thought he was slick and I pretty much agreed when he foot the bill for my drinks. Unfortunately when he passed me a tulip and said 'Here's a rose as beautiful as you', it was time for him to go. Wyld is an incredible bar, you can't help but feel elite whilst reclining on the leather and having strangers fawn over you, the decor is slicker than the people and the bar staff should be praised for their Cosmopolitans. Don't go to dance, go to soak up the ambiance and be spoiled by men that think they can buy your affection through vodka and cranberry juice.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All about Olivia

Last week I did my first official post for Fight Apathy.. or don't, as official Style Editor for the site. That was exciting enough but it was a privalidge to write about my incredibly talented friend Olivia Bossert.
After meeting her several years ago on a week course at Central Saint Martins I knew that we would stay in touch, thankfully we did and it's always a pleasure to see her work progress and expand. As she is currently studying Fashion Photography in Falmouth, it's rare that we cross paths but trust me, she is one to watch!
You can read the full article here and can keep up to date with her work by fanning her on Facebook Here is a sneaky look at one photo from the shoot that she did exclusively for @FAODmag.

Monday, 23 January 2012


Goodbye H&M collaborations and the happiest of hellos to the return of Versace Couture. Spring Summer 2012 in Paris would not be complete without the presence of Donatella and some blinding colours being paraded down a stunning staircase, this year however it was a pleasant surprise to see what could be considered as very demure dresses being parried in front of the audience.
They of course had the Versace twist, with their intricate designs and sheer detail aplenty, we are not disappointed to see that Donatella hasn't lost her knack, with the ability to be bold even without garish prints is a talent many designers must envy.

 I could drool over these pieces all day, the silhouette that is created from the structured nipping in of the waist would add femininity to the most 'boyish' of figures.

 An unmistakable Versace trademark, this neon yellow structured play-suit is top of my ULTIMATE WISHLIST, closely followed by the dress design below. The intricacy on the bodice of the dress is simply stunning, although the desired simple effect would quite frankly be lost on any woman with a hint of cleavage.

Iris Van Herpen

Oh Paris how we all love you, your stunning architecture, fabulous restaurants, quaint patisseries, stylish occupants but most importantly, your ability to showcase fashion designers and their stunning couture collections.
Living in London I want to claim it as the worlds fashion capital, but unfortunately Paris has an allure that no other city can match. Today some wonderfully talented designers have showcased their couture collections and quite frankly have raised the bar for design higher than I thought possible.
Iris Van Herpen has a unique twist with the collection, the designs vary from intricate designs on neutral mini dresses to several pieces that could be argued to be completely unwearable. As unwearable as they may seem, it is hardly stopping me from wanting to run away to Paris now and find a way to get my hands on her futuristic designs.

Serkan Curaird

If you are lucky enough to stumble across the debut show photos from Spring Summer 2012 in Paris, then you are more than aware that couture has a new hero. Step Forward Serkan Curaird. The creations are simply stunning, with silhouettes that are elegant and scream femininity. Cinched waists and cascades of sheer fabric seemingly floating around the models it is enough to make any fashion lover sigh with pure desire.

This newcomer is no doubt going to create a storm of excitement and when you see these photos you will undoubtedly see why. I wish I had more to tell you, the only problem I have come across is when a designer is this new they only have four results on Google. Someone PLEASE tell me more about Serkan!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Motel Wishlist

This January I have been keeping my eye on the high street and on the amazing sales that could not be more tempting for skint students waiting for their loans. The only problem with scouting through the sales is that you can't help but be tempted by the new season collection. I have been a massive fan of MOTEL clothing for a long time and am pleased to see the brand going from strength to strength. Above are five of my many favourite pieces from their current online collection. Unfortunately none of them are in the sale but my student loan should be in my bank any day now so one or two pieces may end up in my wardrobe.