Monday, 23 January 2012

Serkan Curaird

If you are lucky enough to stumble across the debut show photos from Spring Summer 2012 in Paris, then you are more than aware that couture has a new hero. Step Forward Serkan Curaird. The creations are simply stunning, with silhouettes that are elegant and scream femininity. Cinched waists and cascades of sheer fabric seemingly floating around the models it is enough to make any fashion lover sigh with pure desire.

This newcomer is no doubt going to create a storm of excitement and when you see these photos you will undoubtedly see why. I wish I had more to tell you, the only problem I have come across is when a designer is this new they only have four results on Google. Someone PLEASE tell me more about Serkan!


  1. I know Serkan and i can say that is a personn very likeable in life so his designing can be wonderful !!
    kiss Serkan ;-)

  2. I love his designs! I was so upset I couldn't find anything about him, he's a couture genius!

  3. No one seems to know anything about him.. but his work is amazing! Serkan is a Turkish name, as far as I know, but don't know anything about him..