Monday, 23 January 2012


Goodbye H&M collaborations and the happiest of hellos to the return of Versace Couture. Spring Summer 2012 in Paris would not be complete without the presence of Donatella and some blinding colours being paraded down a stunning staircase, this year however it was a pleasant surprise to see what could be considered as very demure dresses being parried in front of the audience.
They of course had the Versace twist, with their intricate designs and sheer detail aplenty, we are not disappointed to see that Donatella hasn't lost her knack, with the ability to be bold even without garish prints is a talent many designers must envy.

 I could drool over these pieces all day, the silhouette that is created from the structured nipping in of the waist would add femininity to the most 'boyish' of figures.

 An unmistakable Versace trademark, this neon yellow structured play-suit is top of my ULTIMATE WISHLIST, closely followed by the dress design below. The intricacy on the bodice of the dress is simply stunning, although the desired simple effect would quite frankly be lost on any woman with a hint of cleavage.

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