Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wyld at the W

This year I have made a list of varying places I want to go to, from London Zoo to Scott's in Mayfair and losing myself in Daunt Books on Marylebourne High Street. A year sounds like a long time but on a student budget the list is looking unattainable. This week however my flatmate and I treated ourselves to an outing to Wyld Bar.
As far as pretensions over-priced London bars go, this is certainly one of my favourites. It's difficult not to get slightly nervous when approaching a bar that has door staff, they're not judging you on how drunk you are but if your shoes are designer and if you can afford their cocktails. Quite honestly my answer to both was no, but a friend told me 'big eyes, big hair, big ego, you're in'. Now that is something I can do, so after being let through to head upstairs I stopped being terrified of having the immaculate door woman having me thrown out and proceeded to be blown away by how stunning the W is. With mirror balls hanging from the ceiling to the floor and dim lights reflecting off black marble you know this is not somewhere to get drunk and embarrass yourself.
After being handed the bar menu and checking out the prices I could see why Wyld was suit territory, I could afford two drinks maximum. Cue property investor who thought he was slick and I pretty much agreed when he foot the bill for my drinks. Unfortunately when he passed me a tulip and said 'Here's a rose as beautiful as you', it was time for him to go. Wyld is an incredible bar, you can't help but feel elite whilst reclining on the leather and having strangers fawn over you, the decor is slicker than the people and the bar staff should be praised for their Cosmopolitans. Don't go to dance, go to soak up the ambiance and be spoiled by men that think they can buy your affection through vodka and cranberry juice.

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