Sunday, 26 February 2012

What I Want Right Now

All donations are welcome in helping me buy these beautiful things. 

Alice In Wonderland teacup from Urban Outfitters

Friday, 24 February 2012

Florence Is Soothing My Soul Tonight

Behind The Scenes

We are still in the process of narrowing down our best photos but here is a look at the behind the scenes of our shoot in the studio. I am still unbelievably smitten with all of the pieces from Her Curious Nature. I wish all these beautiful pieces suited me, the collar seems to be a favourite among fashion students.
Her Curious Nature Samples

Emily Styling

Myself photographing and Emily with the fan

The candy clothes rail

Sophie styling

Emily doing nails and myself doing hair

Me touching up Scarlett's makeup

Our custom made cupcakes in candy colours
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We went shopping

For our shoot we were incredibly lucky to be given samples from ASOS but it was not quite enough to create five different outfits so we went shopping. The Topshop card took a serious beating but I am justifying it as essential purchases to aid my education and grades. Our idea was to create a Bitter Sweet theme that reflected the current trend of pastels. As my wardrobe is primarily black and various shades of it I felt slightly out of my depth being thrown into a kaleidoscope of candy tones and block colours.

Topshop £35

Topshop £32

Topshop £36

Topshop £22


All of these beautiful pieces are used in our shoot and I am very bitter about returning the baby blue sheer shirt and the citrus clutch bag (it does have a shoulder strap too). I may have to eBay a pair of shoes as an exchange for them. The high street is doing justice to this season's trends, you don't have to go crazy and fill your wardrobe with colour but one of these pieces above is enough to put a twist on your outfit and won't cripple your bank account. See it as a Spring treat to yourself for having got through a very drab winter. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Wandering around London I'm always keeping an eye out for famous faces or people that I think have great street style and those who should be models. It's not often you associate great faces or talent with the South West of England, but we gave the world Rosie Huntington-Whitely and there's always hope for more.
Going back to Cornwall is always a treat but this time I had the chance to put my very lovely friend Sophia in the studio. At a staggering 5'10 at just 17 she has model potential written all over her (siggggghhhh). I love having a play behind the camera and couldn't turn down the opportunity to shoot her for a few hours. We decided to keep it very simple as this was the first time she'd been in a studio and the first time in over a year that I'd gone back to work in one, so here is a sneaky preview at what we came up with.

By the end of the afternoon I pretty much never wanted to eat again and had serious leg envy but after flicking through the photos I was so proud of how her confidence had grown throughout the shoot. I find it hard to believe that someone that stunning would have low body confidence, so I did my best to bring her out of her box and show her off. What wouldn't anyone give for leather trousers to look that good on them?
I have to create a shoot for uni this week and was disappointed that I couldn't get her up to do it but would undoubtedly recommend her and use her in the future. I would like to especially thanks Dawn and David at Limelight Studio for helping me out and you can have a peak at their website here

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Loving All Things Tropical

Loving All Things Tropical

Altuzarra fitted dress
$1,800 -

Pedro Lourenco sleeveless shift dress
£670 -

Altuzarra pencil skirt
$1,230 -

Sass bide
$666 -

D G silk skirt
£110 -

STEFFEN SCHRAUT flower skirt
€170 -

Diego Dolcini platform sandals
€708 -

Souffle toe ring sandals
£16 -

Printed bag
$64 -

Wet Seal rhinestone earrings
$8.50 -

Oh Henry

Henry Holland is no stranger to bold designs, his clothing is bright with youthful designs. It was inevitable that he would expand elsewhere. Where hr brought out his hosiery collection I was the first to get my hands on them, not just for the label but for their quirky designs. Unfortunately after a long night out and falling off a stage I snagged my beautiful tights and could not justify buying another pair.
This evening I was browsing Twitter (wild Saturday I know) and saw a site that was having a flash sale. As the caring and loving person I am I felt the need to share it with you, half price Henry Holland hosiery on
I have bought the "I'm laddered" pair and "Bones". I don't often wear jeans or trousers so I can't wait to dress up my shorts, skirts and dresses with my fabulous new purchase.
It is no longer just his unusual hosiery that is causing a stir, Holland's new underwear range is cheeky and I am dying to get hold of a pair, or two. For now I'm debating whether they are worth the investment but if someone wants to buy me a pair then please feel free.