Friday, 24 February 2012

We went shopping

For our shoot we were incredibly lucky to be given samples from ASOS but it was not quite enough to create five different outfits so we went shopping. The Topshop card took a serious beating but I am justifying it as essential purchases to aid my education and grades. Our idea was to create a Bitter Sweet theme that reflected the current trend of pastels. As my wardrobe is primarily black and various shades of it I felt slightly out of my depth being thrown into a kaleidoscope of candy tones and block colours.

Topshop £35

Topshop £32

Topshop £36

Topshop £22


All of these beautiful pieces are used in our shoot and I am very bitter about returning the baby blue sheer shirt and the citrus clutch bag (it does have a shoulder strap too). I may have to eBay a pair of shoes as an exchange for them. The high street is doing justice to this season's trends, you don't have to go crazy and fill your wardrobe with colour but one of these pieces above is enough to put a twist on your outfit and won't cripple your bank account. See it as a Spring treat to yourself for having got through a very drab winter. 

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