Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's Been a Long Absence

There is no doubt that I have been very negligent of my blog, which will most likely reflect in my final grades this year. If I don't manage to scrape 40% then I well and truly deserve to be kicked off the course.
I am just about back on my feet after a horrible three months of sulking in bed and binging on everything I demanded my poor mum brought me. Haagen-Dazs has made a fortune at my expense and this has led to the realisation that my thighs are creeping out of control as the summer is rapidly approaching. In anticipation of sunny weather, living in the Caribbean guarantees it, I am currently looking up lots of summery items that are essential to my happiness and reflect the temperature.

Pleat High Neck Maxi Dress £46.00

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Topshop Sheer Overlock Maxi Dress £50.00

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Yellow Denim Cup Bandeau Dress £40.00

Dip Hem Wrap Dress by Rare £42.00

Shimmer Skater Dress £48.00

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Topshop has an extensive range of pretty summer dresses that can be adapted for daywear to the evening. Seeing as I have money left on my card from my birthday I think it'd be rude not to go and treat myself in the next few days, especially as I'm meant to be in Paris right now. I think my awful pop playlist is encouraging me to splurge on a whole new summer wardrobe. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be looking at must have eyewear and keep you updated on my purchases. 

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