Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Fishy Fish

I know there are some concerns with Fish Pedicures but after spending two weeks walking around Tenerife I couldn't resist trying it and desperately needed it. There were plenty of cheap looking places with insanely low prices but quite frankly sad looking fish. So I picked somewhere a tad more expensive and considerably cleaner for the treatment.
It was actually far better than expected, with the very capable woman exfoliating my feet and legs followed by rinsing them down and covering all small cuts with tape. That should stop the supposed spread of infections, but that was not even a concern once my feet were in the water.
It's really quite weird having over a hundred little fish swarming to eat away at your dead skin but after 25 minutes of laughing at the tickling sensation, the result was pretty amazing. Far better than any pedicure I've had and no need to humour conversation with anyone while trying to relax.
I've been recomonded to go to Zoola Fish in London and there is no doubt that they are going to be seeing me in the near future.

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