Friday, 29 June 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I wish that I had got round to this sooner, three weeks ago I went to see Moonrise Kingdom, another fantastic film from my favourite director, Wes Anderson. Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for The Darjeeling Limited, so in my mind Moonrise Kingdom was always going to lag behind my personal favourite.

With an incredible and very talented line up of well established actors, such as Bruce Willis, Edward Norton (who I still expected to start a fight) and Bill Murray, along with the striking Tilda Swinton and convincing mother at breaking point, Frances McDormad it was a surprise when new faces stole the limelight. The incredible performances are given by newcomers Jared Gilman, playing Sam and Kara Hayward who plays Suzy.

The story of Sam and Suzy pulls at the heart strings of anyone who has experienced young love, it is unexplainable and certainly never logical. So when they decide to run away together on an island just off the coast of New England, mishaps involving scouts, affairs and a tent on a secret beach make this beautifully directed film a must see.

The sixties fashion is accurate and you can't help but fall in love with Suzy in her red dress as she carries her kitten in a wicker basket. Her long socks and large collars somehow portray a childlike innocence, that she remedies with an ability to convince the audience that a girl of her age is capable of such unwavering love.

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