Saturday, 14 July 2012


I have a real urge to go on a city break, after downloading the teNeues apps on my iPad the world is really at my fingertips and all I want to do is jump on a plane. It's quite appalling that you can get return flights from London to almost any city in Europe from £30, and I've never taken advantage of it. 

The top of my list is Berlin. I've never been to Germany, a country with so many beautiful cities and a wealth of history and it has never been anywhere that I have considered. The COOL BERLIN app tells you all the highlights and hotspots within the city, including hotels, restaurants, bars, galleries, clubs, shopping and music venues.

All budgets are covered and accomodated for, one hotel that caught my attention was the Michelberger, located in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (yes I have tried to say it, and yes it was a failure) district. The 119 room establisment is a cross between an eclectic hotel and a high end youth hostel. The rooms are reasonable and cater for single travelers to large groups, with well designed rooms that accommodate all tastes.

Exterior of the Michelberger
The Loft room is perfect for couples or a group of three who want a relaxed base for trawling round the city. With it's raised King-size bed and the option of a pull out sofa, the airy room is a student traveller's dream. A two night stay on a weekend in winter is set to cost you £172.98 to be split by all occupants.

The Loft
I've kept my search area to the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg area, I figure a first time trip to Berlin ought to not be too ambitious, seeing as the only phrase I know in German is about cats on window sills.

A restaurant called the Brooklyn Beef Club came to my attention. You just cannot go wrong with a good steak and a restaurant that servers a selection of 150 whiskeys and New York Cheesecake. With a 7,0oz Fillet Mignon coming in at 39€, it isn't cheap but the online recommendations make it worth the price.

Another restaurant/bar that has caught my eye is Solar. Renowned for its outstanding view across Berlin, a glass elevator takes bar goers to the 16th floor where they can sip their beverages while taking in the skyline. With a large selection of drinks, food and live music on the top floor, I know this is somewhere I can't afford to miss.

There are so many shops and galleries that are worth commenting on but I will blog about these after a little more research into what looks to be a spectacular trip.

All images taken from prospective websites.

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