Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Flat

It's quite an exciting prospect moving somewhere new, it is also quite scary when you have never stepped foot in the place that you have already paid a deposit for. This is however what I have done; with blind faith in my other flat mates, I have trusted their usually excellent judgement and taken the plunge.

What daunts me more right now, in my eternal unfit state, is the flat being on the top floor. The dreaded stairs are going to feel like a glacier I climbed last year. The upside, and it may not seem like an upside to most, is that the flat is unfurnished. This have given me an excellent excuse to ask my mum for some funds to buy some pieces of furniture and lovely bits and bobs for our new home.
Below is a selection of what I'm just dying to get my hands on.

There is no doubt in anyone's minds who know me that I can be a total princess, I do like my bed to reflect this. I like to be able put fairy lights my headboard so the Primrose Bedstead from Next is perfect for me. With the double bedstead retailing at £199 it is of course pricey but at the same time, an investment as I would take it to any new home with me.

If you are the small minority of students that aren't reliant on a student loan then you can probably afford to splash out on furniture. If you, like me, are the large majority that needs one then IKEA is a God send. This next piece however is quite pricey, I am a massive fan of wrought iron and everything in white so this wardrobe is a dream for me. The wardrobe retails at £345, the appeal to me however is having my clothes on show, my favourite part of the morning is standing in front of my clothes and deciding what to wear for the day.

For half the price IKEA also has a budget option to this wardrobe, it could also be considered to be more practical as it has the option of keeping everything hidden from view. Currently retailing at £151.06, the Antonius is perfect for students who need ample storage at a reasonable cost.

Laura Ashley may be a store that caters for middle age women with a specific taste, but I just adore their bedlinen. I was clearly born age thirty five but seeing as I seem to spend half my life in bed, the sheets I sleep in are pretty important to me. I failed to abuse a friend's discount while she worked there but they always seem to have a good sale on, so of course I will be buying more white bedlinen to snuggle down in. You can browse their beautiful selection here.

It's clear I like white, the only exception to my rule is if it comes from the Urban Outfitters Home department. With their array of cushions, rugs, wall art and knickknacks, my fairly clinical room would look like a hoarders paradise. But firstly back to bedding, I just can't help myself, I am in love with pillowcases. Not just any design though, Alice in Wonderland themed, I like the idea of dreaming of being at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

The set is available for £30 and it may have to be my first mini splurge when my loan comes through.

I am quite smitten with these posters, available at Urban Outfitters online for £18 each. These classic covers from timeless novels make the perfect wall art for literature lovers. 

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