Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I do love simplicity, the epitome of great style is a garment that stands alone as a beautiful piece. Céline keeps everything simple and to me, that is why the brand has become so successful again. Of course I'm a sucker for photography too, which is why I can't help but being drawn to the brands new campaign, as seen on their website. 
Céline's new over sized clutch bags are this seasons must have accessory. Big enough to hold your day to day items but sleek enough to make the switch between your day and night bag. Save your pennies or bat your eyelashes at your beau because you would be mad not to try and get old of one, or two.


  1. Maybe I should get an oversized bag, I'm long overdue for a new bag and the ones I've got are quite small. I love the shape and color of the brick red bag! By the way, love all the photos of fashion...absolutely gorgeous. So you're from Cornwall but you live in Trinidad? That's pretty awesome. You have a cute blog, I'm now following you. Check out mine?

    Jen xx

  2. Love Celine, gorgeous simplicity, gorgeous lines, gorgeous tailoring: Just gorgeous all round!

    A x