Monday, 6 August 2012

Portman Goes Nude

The whole world seems to be having a love affair with Mila Kunis, I accept that she's a good actress and a pretty girl but for me when it comes to who is the best face of Dior, it's Natalie Portman every time. 
Portman's newest campaign for Dior has just been released and as always she looks totally flawless (photo shopped or not). The ad, for Dior's new foundation 'Diorskin Nude' is bound to make it a best seller.

Portman has previously been the face of serveral campaigns for Dior, including: Miss Dior Cherie perfume and the brands skin care line. The brand is trying to promote natural beauty with its newest cosmetic releases and I believe that Portman fits the bill perfectly.

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  1. She's stunning! If only I could be like her! :) Cute blog :) x